Talibam! with Alan Wilkinson

Determined to continue collaborating with revolutionary blitzkrieg musicians in perpetuity, Talibam! Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea were set up on a blind date with Alan Wilkinson by Bo' Weavil Recordings for a London basement show in May '08. Like a late '60's Sadean love-in ripe with Joycean epiphanies, Talibam! heard in Wilkinson's tone the strength and grit of a fine british pint served cool and fresh…a perfect energy to swing-bounce their rolly polly hieroglyphic dance mayhem. A second gig happened in fall '08, followed by this recording in winter '09. If Talibam! and Wilkinson were a rugby team they'd be in first place, trouncing competitors with more riff hard tenacity and more powerful/declarative end zone dances. Balancing contradictory cultural fragments into a psychadelic yin and yang power drive of glitch emission sprezzatura horns, Zarathrusta organ drone launch, and sayanora-rama drum spills, alan wilkinson, matt mottel, and kevin shea turn anamitronic nihilists into veritable musicological sexphorisms -- they cut the tension on the dance floor like that abrupt liminal point between peace and footsie, between donuts and bagels, between lizards and turtles. Our three dangerously handsome myriad-men from the future have materialized mixed signals into sharp-fanged foreign accents on this red-eye voyage to vinyl metropoly, a 2-sided ecosystem of Gatsby-killer morph-prov entitled "dem old apple pie melodies".

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