The Eidetic Band

Working throughout the different musical diagrams, those both fictional and unreal (the names of folk, noise, drone, jazz etc) - traditions which inform ways of feeling and playing and showing with sounds. The Eidetic Band are interested in exploring each in never ending turn, in splicing them, in both respecting and devastating en route to feeling sound and its extent, deeper and deeper. These particular times demand a deeper music, committed of the experiment, unglued to the free flowing, spectrally cold and skinned heat in song; a sonic for all those things we know or suspect might exist. Wearing the masks of a thousand bastard musicians, these are visitors to spaces resembling the everyday world and its songs, and to others spawned from mutational intersections of music histories, futures and potentials. The Eidetic Band is a will to explore, Through the wire and string, within the milk of animal-sounds, out past the reeds at the city's edge.

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