Rob Mullender

Rob Mullender's debut album release for Bo' Weavil takes a few cues from the tracks he laid down on his side of the Free London double LP, but on this outing Mullender moves off into a wilder set of free improvisation for acoustic guitar. Although influences from the great improvisers of the guitar can be detected, there are still slight strains of traditional folk melodies in some of the 12 tracks on "Human Resources". Themes are developed, then dissolve and veer off from the lyrical to the percussive and textural. The use of traditional structures serves only as a point of departure for further exploration into a vast world of the wonderings. Limited to 600 CD in hard card mini gatefold LP style sleeve.

"The Acoustic Guitar is not a mystical instrument (as some seem to want us to think), but it is a complex and subtle one. My relationship with it runs the whole spectrum from love, through indifference, to hate and back. After all - how can anyone really interested in music possibly know what to play or who they are?

The recordings here (on Free London) are a survey of my resources for escaping the memetic struggle that the guitar really is. They're all mine apart from the first which was taught to me by Davey Graham, but I'm told he may have got it from John Renbourn, who probably got his inspiration from Joseph Spence. Before that it was a hymn… And so it goes."

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