Globe Et Dynastie -

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Bo’ Weavil is totally psyched to have the opportunity to release the second album by Reines d'Angleterre. This time a thoroughly studio affair. Reines d’Angleterre is a fascinating collaboration between avant outsider musician Ghédalia Tazartès and two electronic botanists, èlg and Jo aka Opéra Mort. This LP covers more of the wild ground the band started with on “Les Comores” released back in 2010, but going further into a musical terrain that defies definite description…a slow trip into wizards intimacy, synthetic jungles, underseas zoos and tibetan-industrial complexes. It feels like one has stumbled into disturbing dreams from a different realm. A quality of mystery, trickery and halucinatory movements slip and shift across the recording. This is out there music, experimental music with no fixed abode with a unique quality that defies most things today.

£24.99 LP and CD
£10.50 CD
£9.50 CD
£11.50 CD
£18.99 LP