Rolled in the Midst of Never-Ceasing Currents Flowing Without a Rest Forever Onward -

  1. Just Before the Lights Come Out
  2. Flowing Without Rest, Forever Onward.
  3. Contemplation of the Setting Sun
  4. I Walked Into the Ancient River

Limited LP of 350 copies

Firstly, this is not for the faint-hearted, but fear not, this is not another noise record. This LP is something else altogether. This is a massive, glorious psychedelic din, a thick fog of dramatic sound events. Starving Weirdo's latest offering promises to enfold the listener who will experience the ecstatic grandeur of Anton Bruckner as much as the rich industrial drone of David Jackman. This is Lhasa in California - a world drenched in ecstatic thrills and intense ethereal exploration. There are sounds, there are drones, there are rhythms and there are songs - a glorious concoction that moves in a vertical fashion. As we live today, in all this murk; all this twisted history and convoluted present, we can be thankful that these folks in California came together to create such a glorious record for all to bathe in. But this, like all good things, is limited and will not be around forever. Step in now or forever remain the great unwashed.

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