Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Vol. I & II -

  1. The Snake
  2. Sky Turned Red
  3. Acoustic Hillbilly Jive
  4. Blue Sky, Highway And Thyme
  5. Echo Rock
  6. Informal Hillbilly Jive
  7. White Lightning
  8. Jamboree

The Back Porch Hillbilly Blues recorded in the early 1960s are recordings of some of Flynt's best work yet, showcasing his debt to Americana.

Each track breathes the rural mountain air, echoing through violin guitar and the snatches of nasal vocals, he uses bowed amplified violin to great effect, virtuoso plucking and bleeding and hard-bowed overtones. With the guitar he creates some of the most sublime trance like vamps. Flynt in these recordings has taken the tradition of American folk music and added another edge not heard before.

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