Improvika -

  1. Provenance Unknown
  2. Gnostic Gem
  3. Rudra's Feast
  4. Cryptonymus
  5. Jaisalmer
  6. Mystic Minor 23
  7. Tripurasundari
  8. Rose Secretions
  9. Skull of Sidon

In 1998, Bishop released his first solo album- the wonderful Salvador Kali - on John Fahey's Revenant label, containing pieces for solo guitar and piano. Last year, Bishop followed up Kali with a contribution to Locust's Wooden Guitar collection, which also featured pieces from the kindred musicians of Steffen Basho-Junghans, Jack Rose, and Tetuzi Akiyama. Improvika features an unaccompanied free-flowing Bishop on a steel-string wooden guitar. Nine songs of wonderful beauty, showing the vast influences that Sir Richard has picked up through his years of musical adventures with the Sun City Girls. He incorporates numerous different musical strains in his virtuoso guitar playing -Middle Eastern, Pan-Asain and North African to name a few. The Eastern mysticism of Robbie Basho and the freewheeling gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt can both be heard in the guitar of Sir Richard. But his influences are so far-reaching that to place him in any one or two boxes is unjustified.Here are nine pieces of virtuoso beauty that every listen open up different avenue of wonder.

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