The Power of the True Love Knot -

  1. Bonnie Boy
  2. Richie Story
  3. Lovely Joan
  4. Just As The Tide Was Flowing
  5. The Unquiet Grave
  6. Black-Eyed Susan
  7. Seven Yellow Gipsies
  8. Over The Hills And Far Away
  9. Greenwood Laddie
  10. Lady Margaret And Sweet William
  11. The Maydens Came
  12. Polly Vaughan
  13. The Barley Straw
  14. Barbara Allen

This is Shirley Collins' great 1967 LP 'The Power Of The True Love Knot'. Produced by Joe Boyd with exquisite arrangements by Dolly Collins and contributions from Robin Williamson and Mike Heron of the Incredible String Band, and Bram Martin (cellist on the Beatles' 'Eleanor Rigby'). The songs on this record belong to ladies fair and tender, the ballad-heroines with lily hands, riding through meadows distracted, saving or losing their virtue, getting pregnant, eloping with gypsies, dying of remorse, twined in the True-Lover's Knot. Shirley Collins: vocals, banjo, dulcimer; Dolly Collins: pipe organ; Bram Martin: cello; Robin Williamson: tin whistle, chanter, percussion; Mike Heron: percussion. Produced by Joe Boyd. Bo' Weavil Recordings is very proud to release this again on vinyl, in a limited hand numbered print run of 500.

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