Sing A Song For You -

  1. Hills Of Greenmor
  2. Sing A Song For You
  3. Sovay
  4. I Thought I Saw You Again
  5. Summer's in
  6. Travelling's Easy
  7. The Bonambuie
  8. Tongue In Cheek
  9. Bird In The Bush
  10. Sullivan's John

Bo Weavil is ecstatic to be able to release on VINYL for the VERY FIRST TIME - ANNE BRIGGS "SING A SONG FOR YOU"

Recorded in 1973, but not released unitl 1996 on CD by Fledgling Records.

Fleeting, volatile, flighty, breathless: a flash of sunlight in the glade. Anne Briggs pure, unmistakable voice and her too short career summon the same images in my mind. A voice like a gentle tremor, as fragile and timeless as a dandelion clock. Her recordings are few and all the more precious for it. When these 1973 sessions finally saw the sunshine, back in 1996, they were greeted with joy; joy mixed with astonishment that they should have been consigned to obscurity in the first place. Sure, her work with Ragged Robin may have displeased the purists of the time. Sure, Anne Briggs was unhappy with her voice, heavily pregnant with new life and on her way to a Scottish retreat. But for something so beautiful as these songs to be casually put asideā€¦ And they are beautiful.

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