Obliquity -

  1. Obliquity
  2. Drag Head
  3. South of 4
  4. Cuttin' the P nut
  5. Kwakm'bababli Stomp

Obliquity is a free jazz record, if you'll forgive the use of such a hoary, old fashioned phrase. Its scorching, heads-down momentum, rhythm and drive places it in direct line of descent from the fierce originators of the genre: Ayler, Sanders, Graves, Frank Wright. It also swings. At times it dances.

Obliquity is a free jazz record through the prism of the improvisational movement in Europe, though. This is no attempt at polite revivalism or looking back/up to the 1960s. Wilkinson/Edwards/Noble are producing new, vital music of and for now. You need form to work at this level of spontaneity and certainty and any frequenter of the outer limits of the European music scene could vouch for the jazz porridge these three have put away.

Obliquity: advancing obliquely; deviating from the straight; freedom from the humdrum constraints of time and place.

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