8 selections and premonitions from the tower vol. 3
  C Joynes & The Restless Dead

1. The Blackened Engine "Sun Mule"
2. Low Pressue Clarinbridge to Durolipons, rinsing

This is the 3rd instalment of the GPS / Bo Weavil series of C Joynes 45s, featuring collaborative pieces with a disparate group of fellow travellers.  This time around, contributions come from Ethno-Noise Heroes ‘Harappian Nights Recordings’, Fredericksburg VA’s Sacred Harp, and Gavin Prior of United Bible Studies. A staggering project where Joynes’ renowned playing is backed by an almost anarchic drone-buzz of Eastern instrumentation, mood and feel. A truly psychedelic merging of styles, heavily prominent on HNR mainguy Syed Kamran Ali’s uniquely scatter gun use of ouds, screeching jouhikkos, finger harp and so on.  A fabulously dense, psych 45 in beautiful diecut sleeve in an edition of just 300 vinyl 45s..

Price (includes shipping): 7" (ltd 350 copies)