N.E.W - (Steve Noble, John Edwards, Alex Ward).

Noble, Edwards and Ward play together. Simple statement, but playing is a serious business. The great cultural historian Johan Huizinga even suggested re-naming our species homo ludens: man-the-player describes the human (sapiens, wisdom, certainly don’t). Play incorporates language, ritual, myth, laughter. Play is at the heart of the interaction of these great players. From the opening riff, with Ward’s scattergun guitar fizzing around Noble’s detonations, the game is on.

It’s often the element of play in improvised music that prepares the ears for its more profound moments. The skittering of drum and bass gives way, suddenly, to a sonic shriek, a blast that leaves the listener metaphorically pressed against the wall. There are few musical experiences that move from the titillating to the terrifying in such a short space of time. Noble, Edwards, Ward are experts at the improv game, tooled up, as they are, with the sharpest of musical wits, the most adroit techniques and almost uncanny powers of perception. Listen, and experience N.E.W. at play. NEq


Deadeye Tricksters - N.E.W. (Noble / Edwards / Ward) - CD


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NEWtoons - N.E.W. (Noble / Edwards / Ward) - SIDRA EDITION LTD LP


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