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Out Now - We are proud to re-issue for the first time in 40 years, the first 4 records by the saxophonist and multi instrumentalist Joe McPhee - Underground Railroad, Nation Time, Trinity and Pieces Of Light. Limited to 400 copies, and 100 box sets (Box set includes all LPs housed in heavy duty wooden box, silkscreened front and back plus individual silk screens inside). Click here for full details.

FINALLY OUT!!!! A long time in the pipeline, The Garbage & The Flowers great double Eyes Rind As If Beggars, expanded double CD with bonus material and double LP (WITH BONUS CD). New art work and liner notes.

Reines D'Angleterre - DYNASTIE ET GLOBE LP & CD (ltd)

Stephanie Hladowski & C Joynes - THE WILD WILD BERRY LP & CD (ltd)


Finally ready!!!! well worth the wait - Tom James Scott - DRAPE LTD LP


Stephen O'Malley and Steve Noble - St Francis Duo double LP (almost sold out) and CD.
C Joynes new studio album Congo (Ltd 500 CD / 350 LP).
C Joynes vol. 3in the 7" series selections and premonitions from the Tower vol. 3 (Ltd 300 copies).
Roil (Chris Abrahams (The Necks) Mike Majkowski, James Waples ) - Frost Frost (Ltd 500 copies)
Simon H Fell first solo bass recording on CD - Frank & Max (Ltd 300 CD)
Alan Wilkinson first solo recording on CD- Practice (Ltd 300 CD)
Hession/Wilkinson/Fell reunite at last!!- Two Falls & A Submission (Ltd 300 CD)

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